Yellow petals on soft green needles,
Yellow petals on cracked clay ground,
Yellow, green and silent, standing guard around the dala,
From malo to mwalo and mwalo to Malo,
Yellow petals in green blades,
The mark of a luo home.


From the earth watch the dearly departed,
As the children hide and the chickens seek in the green and yellow.
The cows graze and the old women brew,
and new brides huff and puff in kitchens thatched with dried blades.
Yellow petals in soft green blades blow softly in the wind,
As old hearts beat for the day electric wires breach the green and yellow,
And water pipes the cracked clay ground.
For now, the sun is hot, the maize is tough and the lake is empty,
But the yellow petals in harsh green blades see yet another decade.



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