He saunters in.
Toned form, concrete strides.
Masculinity that suffocates
Serious, an expression adopted by his fetching face.
until his eyes meet mine,
and a tempest ensues.
In a matter of seconds, the air between us is charged like an atom,
With positive protons from the nucleus of my heart,
And negative electrons from the coldness of his gaze.
The matter between us, unsynchronized waves of
Unspoken words,
Suppressed tears,
Audible thoughts,
And inexplicable feelings.
Shipwrecked in the aisles of fate.
Neither of us had prepared for this storm.
I didn’t mean to fall for him.
He didn’t mean to hurt me.
And so I quickly fix my eyes to the ground, as he swings his solid back towards me.
Because fate, mistakenly meant for him to love another woman, before he’d met me.



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