The first allure, if not the dark lashes of his eyes,
Might be the assurance and reassurance resting in his placating smile.
Yes, he is smart in his tailored blazers and well kept hair,
But his most entrancing asset yet is his person,
A heap of good with a hidden dash of bad.
As altar boy, choirboy and schoolboy,
Wine has kissed his lips,
Enchanting roman hymns from his vocal chords have drawn
souls of men to penance and sons of God to dance,
Mischief has danced in his heart,
yet he calmly remains his own person.
His person though judged and condemned by those like him,
Yields not to the pitfalls of this world.
He remains charmed by saintly ethics.
ethics verified by the beaded necklace around his neck,
the bestseller nestled on his bedside table
and the Eucharist Calendar pinned to his door.
So goes the faithful catholic boy
A being like us but his own person
Master over his life, bowing only to beings beyond us.
Oh Catholic boy, won’t you sing my way.

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